Tips To Lower Risk Of Schizophrenia In Children

Schizophrenia symptoms should be treated immediately to avoid severe complications. Schizophrenia is a mental condition that affects an individual’s way of thinking, feeling and person’s behavior. It makes an individual to lose touch with reality.

It is a disease that runs in the genes, but it doesn’t mean everyone can inherit it if you have a family member who has it. If you have a family member with this disorder, it increases the probability of occurring to you. There are those who get schizophrenia even without it being in the family history.

Other reasons that can trigger Schizophrenia other than genetics in an individual are; abusing illicit drugs at a young age, life situations and the environment, and pregnancy complications. Below are tips that will help to keep children safe from getting Schizophrenia.

Support And Extend Love To Childrendxdxdxd

Children in a household where there is a history of schizophrenia should be treated with utmost care and love. You should avoid any abuse of physical, emotional and mental at any cost possible. Symptoms of schizophrenia can be triggered in children from harsh behaviors of elders or parents.

Forging Friendly Relationship With Children

Helping your children in making friends outside and having a friendly relationship with them can prevent them from feeling they are all alone. It will avoid the advancement of schizophrenia signs and will also help in boosting self-esteem in them. Teenagers in the family are the most affected by self-esteem issues.

Keeping Kids Occupied

The children in the family should be encouraged to be involved in productive activities.  The activities may include sports, art and craft and also music. Their emotional and cognitive quotients will be enhanced if they are engaged.

Stress Management

It is important to teach children on how to handle and manage stress. Stress is unavoidable occurrence for both children and adults but the coping mechanism is the most important thing. It will take long to teach children on lessons on how to handle stress. It can help to prevent children from schizophrenia. These skills they learn will help them to be steady later in life.

Nurturing Their Physical health

dfcfcsfcsfsIt is important to encourage children to be involved in adequate physical activities, choose a diet that provides essential nutrients for them and nurturing a healthy physical health. They will help them be able to fight schizophrenia on its onset. They should be protected and shielded from getting head injuries.


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