How Can Acne Scars Be Removed

Acne leaves a mark on the sufferer’s psyche and the skin too. Treating acne scars is becoming easier with the rapid development in dermatology. It is advisable to consult your dermatologist for the best treatment of acne scars. The choice of therapy is determined by the type of scarring you have the available treatment and your medical history. There some treatments that are not expensive as others but they do not give perfect results. The choice depends on the kind of desired results and your budget. Below are the available treatments for acne scars.


It is the most efficient treatment for scars from acne. The doctor freezes the skin or uses a local anesthetic and then removes the unwanted skin by using a rotary abrader. This process may reduce deeper scars and remove superficial scars altogether.

Chemical Peeling

Your doctor will apply a mild chemical peel depending on the scar in the affected skin. It brings fresh skin by slowly peeling away the old one. Chemical peels can be used to treat mild injuries.

Laser Therapy

The doctor uses different types of lasers to give a new shape to a damaged skin by recontouring the scars. The skin may remain red for some time due to the high burst of the laser.

Soft Tissue Filling

Patients may be injected with collagen below the scar; collagen can be sourced from bovine to give a smooth appearance and lift the skin. Further treatments are required after six months as the collagen takes a lot of time to be absorbed in the body. Equally, to get a surface lift, fat can be injected below your deep scars. Fat injections are required to be repeated after some months similarly to collagen.


In this process the surface skin is scraped by very tiny aluminum oxide crystals passed through a vacuum tube. This process gives a fresh look to the skin though it has to be repeated several times. Microdermabrasion is used to treat mild scars.

Skin Surgery

Grafting or other methods to remove scars can be used to correct the skin surgically.No surgical methods that can be used to correct keloid for people who have the tendency to form them. More keloids are likely to develop if one goes for further surgery if they developed due to acne injury. Steroid injections may treat keloids. Topical retinoic acid is applied directly in some cases to treat keloids.


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